The Institute of Group and Family Psychology and Psychotherapy was established in 1994 as a licensed nongovernmental training educational organization. At that time one of priorities was improving and developing psychotherapy and psychological consulting in Russia as integrated in word professional society generated educational tradition of different methods of psychotherapy.
The Institute followed two directions: to accord with international skill standards and take account of cultural, social and economical specificity of Russia.

The Institute of Group and Family Psychology and Psychotherapy used to organize conferences and workshops for Russian helpers from many regions so that people from Siberia and former Soviet republic could have experience in ericksonian hypnosis, group-analysis, gestalt, psychodrama, creative arts therapy, bodywork, neurolinguistic programming.

From that time to our days the guests of the Institute have been Betty Alice Erickson, Bryan Boswood, David A. Kipper, Elaine Goldman, Ernest L. Rossi, Frank Farelly, Jean Becchio, Jeffrey K. Zeig, John H. Edgette, John Schlapobersky, Judith DeLozier, Malcolm Pinas, Marilyn Atkinson, Melinda A. Meyer, Norman Vaughton, Peter Wrycza, Robert B. Dilts.

The Institute selected and recommended the best professional books to be published. So that in cooperation with “Klass” publishers we were first in Russia who translated and edited many prominent authors: Milton Erickson, Jeffrey K. Zeig, Betty Alice Erickson, Robert Dilts, Ernest L. Rossi, Jean Becchio, Irwin Yalom, David Kipper. Their works were published by our professional connections.

Meanwhile the first Russian trainers and educators got their internationally acknowledged certification and since then Institute has maintained regional training programs in Russia. More then 300 professionals had been trained and certified in 14 cities of Russia and former Soviet Union.

The Institute of Group and Family Psychology and Psychotherapy has been affiliate organization of IAGP since 2009.

Heads of the Institute.

Director: Leonid Kroll – M.D., Ph.D, Сo-founder of the Institute, Director of the Personnel Training Center “KLASS”, President of Publishing House «KLASS», Member of “Moscow psychotherapeutic magazine’s » editorial board.

Science director: Ekaterina Mikhailova — Ph.D, IAGP member, Сo-founder of the Institute, Co-founder of the Federation of Training Psychodrama Institutes, Professor o Moscow City University of Psychology, Member of «Moscow psychotherapeutic magazine’s» editorial board.

Main area of education and training at the present time:
— psychodrama
— family therapy
— ericksonian hypnosis
— expressive art therapy
— brief psychological consultancy
— bodywork methods
— psychosomatics methods
— organizational consultancy
— couching.

The educational forms:
— long term educational group
— workshops
— trainings
— experiential and therapeutic groups.

Mission of the Institute of Group and Family Psychology and Psychotherapy: support, development and distribution of the professional culture based on the international qualifying standards both deep understanding lifestyle and mentality of the Russian society.